iMac: Repairs, Fault-Finding & Troubleshooting Service

Our repair service doesn’t stop at the weekend; call us and we can be there within the hour if you’re in Ahmedabad. Unlike some other IT companies, we concentrate solely on Macs and Apple products. You might have faulty hardware or problems with your configuration or applications; whichever it is, we’ll get to the root of the issue swiftly.

Problems or Issues you might be having with your iMac

  • Power supply fails and machine can’t be turned on.
  • Overheating.

Problems with your hard drive?

Typical iMac hard drive symptoms include the following:

  • a flashing folder icon with a question mark
  • a white screen
  • the machine slowing down or being less responsive
  • ‘beachballing’ (coloured wheel spinning)

If you’re experiencing any of these be sure to call us!