Apple Mac mini Repair

We are offer professional Apple Mac mini repairs and upgrade service. Our team of experienced technicians will get you up and running again quick. With its ultra thin, aluminum design or removable bottom panel for easy access and a space saving built in power supply, Apple Mac mini is pretty incredible.

The common Apple Mac mini problems experienced by users include Mac mini won’t turn on, can not use Bluetooth devices with Server Assistant, Mac mini displays no video, Osx installation, start-up and login issue, hard disk drive failures, reduced brightness with VGA displays, memory problems (RAM), logicboard failure, mac mini is not responding at all, having trouble using Superdrive sharing, Internet connection issues and slow system performances. Our qualified Apple Mac mini repair technicians who can perform the necessary repairs, upgrade, maintenance or other installation services of all Apple Mac mini models.

Mac mini Repair and Upgrade Services

As part of our Apple Mac mini repair and upgrade services, we use our skills with exceptional customer service, in an attempt to guarantee fully satisfaction.

Our Mac mini repair services include:

  • Hard drive upgrade and replacement
  • Mac mini data recovery
  • Data migration and back up
  • Mac mini memory (RAM) upgrade and replacement
  • Resolving Internet related problems
  • Mac mini logic board repair
  • Software troubleshooting and upgrade
  • Keyboard repair and replacement
  • Mac OS X installation and upgrade
  • Mac mini power supply replacement

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